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Custom Manufactured Solutions
for the Most Demanding Applications

Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts

ISCAR - MICROTOOLS division utilizes its own proprietary tungsten carbide grades to deliver best-in-class quality and performance for wear parts designed for any abrasive or corrosive application. We have developed a unique specialty for fluid handling applications. No matter how your seat is sealed - with a ball, a piston or a needle – it will remain leak proof as long as the standard roundness is less than .00004" (1μm). All wear parts are manufactured from our own grade powders. The composition of powders and the type of binders are selected and adapted to the customer's application requirements and environmental conditions.

MICROTOOLS self-developed grades provide excellent wear resistance and tensile strength, longer product life, clean cut surface and precise size control and excellent deformation resistance due to high compressive and impact strength.