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About Us

ISCAR - MICROTOOLS division (est. 1975) specializes in the manufacturing of small, very high precision mechanical parts made of a variety of tungsten carbide, ceramic and metal powders produced according to customer drawings and requirements.

ISCAR - MICROTOOLS division is a one-stop shop distinguished by its ability to incorporate in-house processes, such as powder pressing or injection and machining; together with assembly, coating, various finishing operations and heat treatments. Tungsten carbide and ceramic parts are either pressed or injected and are sintered and machined in-house from an assortment of powder grades specially adapted for various customers' applications.

MICROTOOLS’s unique, state-of-the-art technologies and special machines for the manufacturing of complicated and accurate parts have been developed to fulfill challenging customers' demands. The company upholds its highly recognized reputation for the efficient approach to miniaturization, micro-precision fabrication and perfect mechanical seal manufacturing.

MICROTOOLS prides itself in keeping abreast on the latest developments and technical advances in the industrial products sector; owning the experience, talent and capacity necessary to deliver any project.
Tefen 2495900, ISRAEL

Tel: +972 4 997 0322

Fax: +972 4 957 9961