Manufacturing implants for the human body and components for medical systems is a real challenge. This process involves strict definition, development, full-scale production and quality control of the materials and processes, tight dimensional precision, and finally, certification from medical authorities.

The injection process simplifies production and enables relatively cost efficient manufacturing of very intricate parts and components. Over the past two decades, MICROTOOLS has built a reputation for meeting the strict quality requirements of the medical industry. Every product produced undergoes a careful quality planning process by our quality assurance department and is thoroughly executed throughout the production process.

Our tooling and training capabilities, combined with our trained staff, enable the manufacturing of highly intricate products that are usually produced by costly and complex machining processes. We are well equipped to manage projects and meet high volume production needs for the medical disposable products market.

MICROTOOLS provides a wide range of materials for medical products such as: 17-4PH, 420 and 440C grade stainless steels for high strength, wear resistance and good corrosion resistance 316L grade stainless steel for applications requiring high ductility and corrosion resistance properties.
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